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Diesel - Inboard Options
A Diesel inboard engine is an option on Craft of 7 m and above. The Yanmar 150 Hp motor is ideally suited to a craft that needs substantial range and where the cost of the craft is an important issue. Diesel craft are not for all users even the amazing value 150 hp Yanmar when fitted to a Rib with all the necessary housing, bilge pumps, fuel filters, steering, twin batteries and so on all adds up to make a costly craft compared to an equivalent Outboard Package. Diesels also require that the service schedules be adherred to strictly where as with an outboard you can "get away with" not sticking to the service schedule. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH A DIESEL ! Unlike outboards they will also not tolerate prolonged high RPM useage so they must be used within a sensible operating RPM range. Given those limitations if a diesel is what you need then the XS range offer excellent build quality and superb value. When specifying a craft you need to pay particular attention to the weight of the engine, many of the larger (240 Hp +) 4-5-6 cylinder engines are simply too heavy for a 7 m craft. Diesel Ribs fall in to classes really, 7 m craft with lightweight motors like the Yanmar etc and then 8 m + craft with more "standard" 250 hp + diesel engines from Yanmar.

XS 850
XS-Ribs XS-850 - The XS 850 is a truly impressive craft, 2.9 m beam, high sheer bow, deep V hull all give a craft with a substantial internal freeboard. It feels solid in the water and offers a huge amount of deck space for cargo, divers or seating. The craft shown has a single 300 Verado Mercury

XS 750
The XS 750, like its larger cousin the XS 850, has a high sheer bow and deep V hull, the substantial internal freeboard makes this a boat you are sitting "in" rather than "on" ! Suitable for single or twin engines this is true go anywhere Rib. There are several console and tank options, if the craft has the LONG RANGE console fitted fuel capacity of 760 Litres can be achieved and this larger console offers substantial protection from the elements (Enhanced further by the optional windcreen / top frame / sun / rain top)

The XS-650 can take a single motor of 200 or twin 90 hp units.

XS-600 XS-Ribs
The XS-600 is an impressive craft, it has all the features you need in a craft capable of cruising and diving in the harsh environments and rough waters around the British Isles. Deep V Hull, high bow, generous tube size and beam all of these things are STANDARD on an XS-Ribs

XS-550 XS-Ribs
The XS-550 shares the same hull design as the XS-600 and XS-650 this gives it a generous 2.6 m beam, deep V hull, high bow and this all adds up to unrivalled sea keeping for a craft of it s size. This craft is ideally suited to cruising, diving from and sailing club rescue work at sea.

XS-500 XS-Ribs
The X-500 is the bench mark size for sailing club rescue, powered well by a 40-50 hp motor this offers a safe table working platform for inshore and freshwater use. Powered by a larger motor, 50 hp + this craft is also well suited to Diving, general sports boat performance, family fun and a multitude of other applications.

XS-460  XS-Ribs
The XS-460 might be the smallest craft in the range but it is no light weight. With a generous 2.2m beam, 50 cm tubes this craft is an ideal entry level rescue or sports boat.

XS 760 Sport Rib
An exciting new craft from XS with a keen eye on the style as well as the performance of the craft. Fitted out to a VERY High Specification using the very stylish OUTHILL console and seating options the following equipment is ALL Standard on the boat

XS Sea Champion 18
XS Sea Champion 18 Fishing Boat - The Sea Champion 18 is superior than its competitors in many ways, with the wealth of high quality materials used and specification offered as standard. Check our standard specification.We offer dark blue coloured side panels, helm and co pilot seats with a choice of pedestal or cushioned box seat, clear toughened glass windows with anodised frames (no poly carbonate on this boat), stern boarding ladder, 30mm pulpit rail, 3 storage lockers in the cuddy, fully moulded engine well, anchor locker and bow roller - all as standard. No other competitor offers this as standard specification. You would normally pay in excess of £1500 extra, assuming it was available on the competitions boat. The Sea Champion 18 s hull has glassed-in foam hull strengthening, (no ply bulkheads), for lightness and strength. This coupled with foam buoyancy in sealed hull areas, fully self-draining main deck with gully structure to twin drains, anti slip deck, and generous free board, full length stainless steel rails, and pulpit rail make this boat one of the safest of its type on the water, both for you and your passengers, whatever their age - all as standard. The Sea Champion 18 boat, engine and trailer packages are available with a choice of engines and accessories, all of which are towable behind the average family car or 4x4.

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