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2014 Corsiva Tender 700

Corsiva 700 Tender is a modified version of Corsiva 690 Tender, adapted for the installation of an inboard with the maximum power of 60 HP. The boat is equipped with a bathing platform, which allows active, but most of all, safe recreation. Besides the rich equipment ,known from the model with the outboard, you can install here also a refrigerator.


Length:675 cm
Beam:265 cm
Weight:1150 kg
Capacity Persons:8
Engine HP:60 HP
Draft:0,70 m


The aesthetic performance, the excellent buoyancy parameters but most of all the use safety of Corsiva boats is an effect of the long time work of our experts. For the production of our boats and the elements of equipments are used only materials of the high quality, documented with certificates and declarations of conformity. Each new model of boat is tested in speed, stability and other parameters before the market introduction. Each boat is subject to a detailed quality control.


The boats of Corsiva are produced of glass- reinforced plastic (GRP). Our shipyard uses by the production the newest technologies, available on the market and tests and improve innovating solutions. To protect the environment and the comfort of the work our shipyard carries out research of RTM technology and she is the second shipyard in Poland and the third shipyard in Europe, which produces the hulls of the boats by using of this technology.

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